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"Crikey I like BetTracker.
It saves me heaps of time and is much easier than spreadsheets"

Norm - NSW



Tutorial 01 - Adding A New System

Hello, and welcome to the first of my BetTracker tutorials. This tutorial will guide you through the steps required to add a new system or strategy to the BetTracker list.

To add a new system to the system list, you need to locate the System Navigator. There are two navigators on the BetTracker main screen, the larger of the two is the system navigator, and the smaller of the two is the bet navigator. The navigators look like a VCR control panel, and the system navigator is highlighted here.

When you click the "Add" button, which is the button with the plus (+) sign on it, you will be asked to enter a system name. Simply type in the name, and press the OK button. The system will be added with the default parameters.

Modifying system parameters.

You can modify the system parameters at any time. Note, however, that changes will not affect any existing bet size calculations, but will affect all new bet size calculations.

Each of the system parameters which are shown within the system information panel can be modified quite easily simply by double-clicking on the individual parameter, and typing in the new information. Once you have typed in the new information, you will then need to click the "post" button, which is the button with the "tick" on the system navigator. Note that the "post" button will only be able to be ticked once you have actually changed some information.

An example of how this is done is shown below. NOTE that changes may not take effect until BetTracker recalculates the bank information. This is done every time you click onto a different system, or if you press the "CurBank" column header in the bet list.

System Parameters explained.

Style: The system style is used to define whether the system will be used for win betting; place betting; each-way betting; or any of the exotics. Select the appropriate betting style from the list.

Banks: The start, high, low and current bank values are the calculated high, low and current values from the given starting bank. If you change the starting bank value, all these values will be recalculated.

Bet Calc: This is where you determine how BetTracker calculates the recommended bet size for the next bet. The options are

  • Flat: the system will always assign the same bet size. For flat stakes, you will need to set the bet size by double-clicking on the "Rec bet" parameter.
  • % start bank : the system will calculate the bet size based upon the given starting bank. This is very similar to flat stakes, in that the only time the bet size is recalculated is if you change the starting bank amount.
  • % high bank : this is my personal favorite. As the bank grows, the bet size is calculated on the highest point at which the bank has been, but is not reduced as the bank reduces.

Note that when setting "% of start bank" or "% of high bank" bet size calculations, you will need to enter the actual percentage amount, and a rounding value. The rounding value is used to calculate sensible betting size increments. If you enter a rounding value of "5", then the bet sizes will be incremented in steps of $5 amounts, rather than $1 amounts. (WARNING: When entering the percentage amount, do not enter the "%" sign.. It will be entered automatically.)

Drawdown: The drawdown is the difference between the current bank and the most recent bank high. You cannot change this value as it is calculated automatically by BetTracker.

Bet Cost: If you are betting the exotics, then each bet may cost many units, depending upon the type of exotic that you're betting. For example, if you are betting Box 3 Trifecta's, then each bet costs 6 units. In this case, you would store "6" in the bet cost. BetTracker uses the bet cost to correctly calculate the running balance after each bet.

Rec Bet: This is the default value for the next bet for this system. You can only change this amount in the system panel if you are using flat stakes. If you are using either of the percentage based staking systems, then you can modify the actual stake used either when adding the bet, or later directly in the bet list.

Sort Group: The sort group is used to help you order systems into any particular order that you might wish, and will also be used in the upcoming "Summarise" feature.

Days: The days of the week (1=Sun, 7=Sat) on which this system should appear. If you filter the system list to "Today's Systems", then systems will only appear on those days that appear in this list.

Changing the starting bank - an example.

To change the starting bank from the default $1000 to $500, double-click the label showing the current starting bank, as shown here.

Click into the box and type in the new starting bank of 500

(without the $)

And then press the "post" button, as displayed here.
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