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It saves me heaps of time and is much easier than spreadsheets"

Norm - NSW



Tutorial 02 - Adding A Bet

Hello, and welcome to the second of my BetTracker tutorials. This tutorial will guide you through the steps required to add a bet to one of your strategies.

The MOST IMPORTANT thing about adding a bet to BetTracker is to make sure that you select the appropriate strategy FIRST. There's nothing worse than adding a half a dozen bets only to find you added them to the wrong strategy :-(

To add a bet to the bet list, you need to enter a minimum of three pieces of information. Since the bet size is normally calculated by BetTracker, you normally wouldn't have to worry about entering the bet size, but you are able to change the default bet size before or after adding your bet.

The Add New Bet panel is located below the system information panel. To add the bet you need to enter

  1. The three letter course designation. If you are not sure about the three letter course codes, these are available on the "Tracks" panel. (And you can search by clicking on the track and typing in the first few letters of the track name).
  2. The race number
  3. The selection, including the TAB No of your selection.

If you wish to change the default bet size, do so by entering the stake into the "Bet Amnt" box, then click the "Add Bet" button. (Note that if you are betting each way, then you need to click the "EW" button, which will automatically place a stake in the win and place portions of the bet).

Modifying bets.

You can modify the bet details (date, course, race, selection, bet size, result and dividend) at any time by clicking directly into the bet list, and typing in the new information. If you modify the bet size or add a winning dividend, then after pressing "Post" on the bet navigator, BetTracker will automatically calculate the new balances.

Deleting bets.

The bet navigator is located below the add bet panel on the right hand size of the screen, above the bet list. Click here for a diagram showing you where to locate it.

You can remove a bet at any time by pressing the delete key on the bet navigator. The delete key is the one with the minus sign (-) on it. Make sure you have clicked on the bet you want to delete first....

Adding results information.

To add finishing position and dividend information to the bet list, simply locate the bet in the list, and click into the "Fin" column and enter the finish position, then either click or tab into the "Div" colum to enter the dividend information. I normally only enter a 1, 2 or 3 in the finish position, but you can enter other positions if you wish.

Bet Entry Tip.

If you are entering lots of bets, then you can use the TAB key to move between fields, and even onto the "Add Bet" button. If on the "Add Bet" button, you can press the "Enter" key to activate the button (which will add the bet to the list), then use the "Shift-Tab" combination to move back along the fields. This allows you to enter many bets without having to take your hands off the keyboard.

Automatic Entry.

If you are a Price Predictor, GTX or FormFinderPro user, you can automatically paste bets into BetTracker without even having to type the information into the Add Bet panel fields. Refer to the user manual for further information.


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