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"Crikey I like BetTracker.
It saves me heaps of time and is much easier than spreadsheets"

Norm - NSW




Are You Serious About Punting?

Want to know what the most overlooked KEY betting principle is… that if applied properly, this one principle alone will GUARANTEE to improve ANY betting method you might be following?

This is a principle that’s so simple you will probably already know about it and don’t realize its POWER or importance to your success.

The incredible thing is that ask any successful punter and without doubt this little principle would be in the top 3 things that they would attribute to their success.

SO What am I talking about? - Simply this...


That’s right: I mean recording your BETS & Knowing
how many, how often, how much!!

So here’s the Principle:

“Success as a punter, is in direct proportion to the degree to which you record and monitor your betting activity”

In a nut shell, tracking your financial position and the state of your betting expenditure or the profit & loss at any point in the game is simply a fundamental requirement to your success.

Now I know what you’re thinking... Hell, if I kept track of everything I would be depressed at how much I’m losing.

That may be true... but just think about it for a moment, if you know exactly the financial health of your betting bank or your selection method, and you reviewed this regularly…

Would you be more successful... or less successful?

The answer is as simple as the principle itself.

But here’s the Crux Of This Problem.

I know why most punters ignore this area of their betting.

  1. They lack the discipline
  2. They lack the motivation… BUT most importantly
  3. They don’t have the RIGHT TOOL.

If you’re serious about your punting then I have developed what I believe can take the hassle out of keeping track of your bets and at the same time greatly streamline and improve your betting activity.

It’s called BET TRACKER and it does exactly what the name says: It Tracks YOUR bets… It has been designed for punters by a punter and it takes care of everything including a whole range of statistical analysis in ONE Easy to use program.

“I could tell straight away that this was a program designed by someone who actually punts and not by some fancy software company. As I follow multiple betting strategies, I have found Bet Tracker to be brilliant at keeping track of all my betting activity in one central program. Previously I had multiple spreadsheets and endless files – now I can access everything in one simple program. Thanks Chris on a great and unique program."
Geoff - VIC

The following is a screen shot of the program, identifying key user features.


Unlimited Betting Systems

BetTracker can handle unlimited systems or betting methods which you might be following or testing. Its easy layout and user interface is one of the features of the program.


Choose the type of staking from 3 different methods which are built into the program and calculate all your bets for you depending what your preference might be.

  1. Flat: The same amount will be bet on all bets
  2. % Start Bank: The bet size will be calculated for you based upon a percentage of the starting bank
  3. % High Bank: The bet size will be calculated for you based upon a percentage of the highest level the bank has reached

Bet Tracker ensures that bet the correct amount each time depending on your chosen plan.


Ask any successful punter and they will tell you that this is where they make their profit. If you run a business and never look at your business financial statements then you would succeed only by sheer LUCK. And lets face itů this is the same for punters.

So Bet Tracker provides a whole range of meaningful statistical analysis options for the user which are simple to access and calculated with ease. You can, and should treat your betting activity in the same light as a business and monitor the numbers regularly.



Download a FREE Trial of the Program

Your FREE Trial of BetTracker is awaiting now. Simply register and login to my Forums and you will be provided with a link to download your FREE Trial immediately. Click here to go to the Forums for your FREE Trial now.


BetTracker is for serious punters. Funnily enough it's only the serious punters that get ahead in this game. And by serious I don't mean betting large amounts... I'm talking about anyone who wants to look at their betting from a professional point of view and wants to keep a close watch on their betting activity.

If you want to improve your betting record keeping, then BetTracker is a MUST and priced at AUD$125 via PayPal, or US$115.00 (approx AUD$125) via ClickBank. It's a small investment considering the benefits it provides in managing your betting activity.

Start today and I guarantee you will develop your skill as a punter and be head and shoulders above the crowd.

Order BetTracker NOW

Betracker does not work very well on 64-bit Windows 7 and has been taken off the market until it can be updated. If you wish to purchase BetTracker for older versions of Windows please contact me via my forums.

Payments are processed via secure servers. Once your payment is processed, you will be directed to a downloads page where you can download the software and be up and running within minutes.

Payments may also be made via Direct Debit. Please contact me via my forums to request payment details.


Anyone ordering the program will also receive this FREE BONUS Gift.

TrackWatcher is a fantastic little utility which sits on your desktop and automatically gets the scratchings and track conditions throughout the day in REAL TIME


Now comes with new REMINDER TAB. You will never miss another race or bet, because Trackwatcher lets you insert reminders which will pop up before each set time and prompt you to take action.

Fantastic for the stay at home punter with multiple bets throughout the day. Input all your bets and times for the day and rest easy, knowing that even if you get distracted you won't miss a bet.

This feature alone could save you heaps in missed bets that win without your money. I know we've all had that sinking feeling when we hear a winning horses name posted with the dividend we missed out on. It hurts!!

Yours Free With Your Purchase Of Bet Tracker

So what are you waiting for get BetTracker today.


Betracker does not work very well on 64-bit Windows 7 and has been taken off the market until it can be updated.


If you wish to purchase BetTracker for older versions of Windows please contact me via my forums.


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