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* TrackWatcher *

TrackWatcher 2.1
has been released and works with the updated TAB site as of 26 Aug.



TrackWatcher is a fantastic little utility which sits on your desktop and automatically gets the scratchings and track conditions throughout the day in REAL TIME


Now comes with new REMINDER TAB. You will never miss another race or bet, because Trackwatcher lets you insert reminders which will pop up before each set time and prompt you to take action.

Fantastic for the stay at home punter with multiple bets throughout the day. Input all your bets and times for the day and rest easy, knowing that even if you get distracted you won't miss a bet.

This feature alone could save you heaps in missed bets that win without your money. I know we've all had that sinking feeling when we hear a winning horses name posted with the dividend we missed out on. It hurts!!


Trackwatcher is currently unavailable.



You may contact me either through my Forums..

Chris Stebbing.

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